Ato and Max

Ato is entrepreneur, producer, consultant, gentleman. He runs the world-renowned website Gentleman´s Essentials where style, values and quality of life for the world are at stake – with over 1 million followers and is fortunate to have Kofi Annan as his uncle, one of the most famous gentlemen.

Max is a futurologist, author, guest on the federal government’s scientific advisory board, and a gentleman lucky enough to have been inspired by Anita Roddick, the founder of BodyShop. Today, he advises medium-sized companies as well as corporations and, among other things, develops South Westphalia as a digital example region for Europe.

What they both have to say as TheGentlePack is about new values, excellence, technology, economy, politics and the whole cool rest. It’s about understanding the future, seeing what changes and how we as people should change. All over the world. With a lot of content and black and white humour.