“My uncle Kofi Annan was the perfect example of the modern gentleman for me all my life – in attitude, style and cosmopolitanism.”


Ato is the founder of Gentlemans Essentials and IamAtoOfficial with today over 1 million followers and more than 2.5 million visitors on the various social networks.

He used to be a music producer, among others for Grandmaster Flash, TicTacToe and Pierre Sarkozy.

His aim is to develop the world into a place with a better quality of life. Gentlemen and gentlemen play a central role as designers of society, economy and politics. What distinguishes them in times of change and digitalisation is their theme in TheGentlePack.

“The most important thing about digitisation is the people who can implement it with a sense and attitude towards society, the economy, politics and the environment – new gentlemen and gentlewomen are needed.”


Max is a futurologist, author, association spokesman, entrepreneur, speaker, lobbyist, is considered one of Europe’s leading futurologists with a focus on society, sustainability, business and trade.

With his lectures and publications he describes in entertaining stories the development of society and builds scenarios how it will develop in the next 2-7 years. He demystifies many of the common prejudices and creates new perspectives for business, trade, society and politics.

His claim is that ethics will determine our future. Especially when it stands behind the great digital levers that are available to our world today. It takes excellence and an inner attitude to accept the challenges of society as a human being and to implement them in both a regional and a global context – with TheGentlePack he creates the meta-level for this vision.

“To change the world you need excellence, style, competence and humour – without humour nothing works.”