The Gentle Future Summit // The Show

It is perhaps the most entertaining way to understand the world’s new order: Ato & Max “The gentle Pack” explain how digital cultural change not only changes our everyday lives, work, economy and politics, but also how we humans need to rethink and develop new values in order to use the possibilities of the new times in the sense of us and society. The gentleman is at the centre – and yes, he goes hand in hand with the gentleman. They will be the ones who create new perspectives. Redescribing and living the educational systems, legislation and social structures. And every human being can become a gentleman or a gentlewoman!

Ato & Max are “The gentle pack” for a world supported by excellence and global values. The technology does not use la pour la, but in the sense of mankind. And they describe very concrete scenarios of the future and the values that will be necessary in this new age. Each listener will afterwards be able to develop a clear perspective for his or her life or that of his or her company. The fact that Ato and Max use their own black and white humour helps the good feeling and the emphatic understanding – or to put it another way: how many scientific lectures can you remember?

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